Wasp Nest Removal Service in Toronto

Wasp nest removal in toronto

With decades of experience, Pest Control Toronto can provide you with profesisonal and complete wasp nest removal services.

Wasp, hornets, and yellow jacket nests are common during the summer months in the Greater Toronto Area. The season for wasps begins at different times every year depending on the harshness of the winter as well as the amount of heat. Like most other stinging insects, they only attack if they feel threatened. Unfortunately, they can feel threatened without any provocation if humans get too close to the nest or walk through their flight path.

Of the three most common types wasps found in Toronto and the surrounding areas (hornets, paper wasps and yellow jackets) on the hornets are territorial. In the case of hornets, fake nest can prevent them from making a nest in the area; however they quickly become useless if exposed to the rain and sun.

Wasp & Bumble Bee Exterminator

Bumble bees are large pollinators that feed on the nectar of neighbourhood flowers. They are highly intelligent social creatures that have round, fuzzy middles and yellow banding, which acts as a warning signal to other species that they’re equipped with a sharp sting. Contrary to popular belief, not all bees die after they sting you. It depends on how deeply their sting is embedded in your skin. They are generally content to leave people alone unless they feel threatened. But since they like to form their hives in dark places or underground, they may be living closer to us than we think.


Without pollinators like bumble and honey bees, our ecosystem would be in deep trouble. However, that is no reason to live in fear of being stung! People with serious allergies to bees are in grave danger of going into anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly. Although wasps and hornets pose a greater threat to people, bees are considered a pest the moment they take over our property and threaten our comfort. Our bee extermination methods first require the beehive removal and treating the area to prevent further infestation.

Signs You Might Need a Bee or Wasp Exterminator

Depending on the type of infestation, your wasp nest or beehive will look different. But here are some common signs that you need to call a wasp nest removal service in Toronto:


  • Where there’s one, there’s more. Bees are members of complex societies, so if you see quite a few of them buzzing around your garden or garbage bins, there may be a chance that their hive is close by.
  • Common places to look for honey bee nests are shaded corners of your house, like under eaves, in dark nooks, below decks, and trees.
  • Bumble bee colonies live below ground, but often quite close to our feet. If you’ve left a pile of leaves or garden clippings on your lawn, there’s a chance it’s the home of a 400-bee colony. DO NOT try to rake up any piles of leaves if you suspect an infestation. Other dark places that bees inhabit are empty animal burrows, and under decks and logs.
  • Wasps tend to form their nests in similar areas, such as eaves and dark nooks, but their appearance and location will depend on their species:
    • Hornet: a round, circular shape made of papery layers that are usually greyish-brown.
    • Paper wasp: an oblong shape with cells slightly resembling the inside layer of cardboard.
    • Yellow jacket: large papery structures typically hidden underground or in dark places.



The raw material for a wasp nest comes from dead wood, which in Toronto is easily accessible from decks and fences. This is also the reason for the variation in color from nest to nest.


Wasps have the ability to chew through strong materials such as wood and drywall so in cases where the nest is high on residential home there is a possibility that they enter the home as the nest grows. The ability of wasps to chew through drywall is the why it is never recommended to block holes on the outside of homes where wasps are entering in order to get to a nest between the drywall and brick.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to remove the wasp nest with fire, water or a heavy stick. All of these methods have very low success rates and are more likely to cause harm to you than to the wasps or bees. In rare cases, getting stung multiple times can lead to death. The best solution for bee and wasp nest removal is to have the professionals take care of it.

Pest Control Toronto has the experience and proper equipment to get rid of a wasp nest where ever it may be, whether it is visible or inside a hole. Our team is able to remove and destroy wasp nests in the most difficult areas through our experience. Furthermore, we make sure that wasps do not return to the same area by applying a non-toxic dust with a long residual. And for peace of mind all of our services have a 6-month guarantee to give you peace of mind.

For all your wasp nest removal needs, contact Pest Control Toronto for a free a quote

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