Heard something running around in the wall which I had initially suspected was a squirrel, however I couldn’t figure out where they were getting in from so I thought I would get a professional opinion. The first company I called in told me it was definitely squirrels and they would take care of it for $400. I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation I got so I thought I would get a second opinion; Vance was at my home only 6 hours after I called. After assessing the situation he told me that although the sound was relatively loud it’s still most likely mice that are running around in the insulation and stepping on the vapour barrier for which reason the sound is amplified through the walls. I asked him to treat the home right away. Vance was right as only 3 days later my wife saw a mouse in the upstairs washroom and only 7 to 8 days later the sound was completely gone. The best part of my experience with this company was that it cost me about half of what I would have paid for squirrel removal which wouldn’t have solved my problem.
– Carlos

I am just writing to tell you that I don’t need a second treatment for bed bugs as we have not seen or been bit for the last 2 weeks. I was the one who was getting bit the most, so as an experiment I have been sleeping in different bedrooms every night to make sure that they are gone. I really appreciate the work that you and your co-worker put into our home and thank you again for taking special care with the paintings. Once again that’s for the great work and I hope I see you under different circumstances form now on.

This past summer I had a 2 foot long wasp nest under my deck. The wasps were constantly flying in and out. I did try to take care of them myself with raid but it only made them more upset. I called Pest Control Toronto. The exterminator arrived on time explained the procedure and took the wasp nest down. Great service.

Pest Control Toronto has been treating my properties for 10 years now and honestly I can’t think of a single time I had a complaint. In the 23 times I have used them I only ever had them come back to re-treat once.

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