Squirrel Removal Toronto

Squirrel Removal Toronto


Pest Control Toronto GTA has completed over 10,000 squirrel jobs in the past 20 years. Our work is based on both the safety of the squirrel as well as all human stakeholders; whether it is family members in a home or business owners and workers in a commercial structure. We ensure that squirrels are treated in a humane manner; this means that we only make use of one-way doors in order to expel the squirrel from the structure. Furthermore, in babies are present and not yet mobile they are put outside the day of the service or following day to ensure their safety by allowing the mother to bring them to a safe location.


Pest Control TG ensures that the squirrels don’t return by not only repairing the point of entry squirrels are using but also any other area that could be of concern. It is important to screen areas of concern, as squirrels can be very committed to living in one area and can go through a lot to get back in. The fact that they must gnaw on something all the time to keep their teeth manageable certainly helps that cause.


Squirrels inside attics are a hazard to the home. Their mere presence creates a foul odor, which over time can seep into the home. Furthermore, apart from their nest squirrels will urinate and defecate wherever they please, and an extended stay of these unwanted guests could mean having to remove all the insulation. Running the insulation and creating tunnels through it can also reduce the efficiency of the insulation. Squirrels can also damage wires, pipes, and gnaw on wood beams as this helps keep their teeth from growing too long (squirrel teeth don’t stop growing).


Pest Control TG ensures that the job is done in the most effective, safe and affordable manner by ensuring that we are always equipped with the gear required to get the job done. Furthermore, we ensure that our equipment is state of the art.


Pest Control TG has over a hundred years of combined experience removing squirrels safely from homes and business. For further information please visit our home page, call us at (416) 907-4270 or fill the contact us form to the right.

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