Rat Removal & Extermination Services in Toronto

Rat Control Toronto


Rats are a growing concern for homeowners and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, the number of calls that Pest Control Toronto receives regarding rats has been the fasting growing over the last 3 years. Though it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, there must be a growth in food source for the population to increase.


Unlike mice Rats usually enter human dwellings and businesses through more obvious areas. In Toronto, homes without one-way valves are susceptible to rats entering through sewage lines. However, in most cases rats burrow up into a home usually from the basement where there is either broken concrete or an unfinished area with soil/sand.


Like mice, rats are also nocturnal and many times the only evidence of infestation is the feces that can be found in areas the rat frequents. Given that rats also have a heavier and larger frame than a mouse it is much easier to hear them in walls and ceilings.


Rats are known to be very shy for which reason they often don’t touch traps/bait for days or even weeks; and unlike mice, a dead rats carcass will smell entailing to the fact that Rat extermination is a tricky job. Depending on where the rat has died, it sometimes becomes necessary to cut a whole in the wall inorder to remove it.


With many years of experience, the technicians at Pest Control Toronto will ensure that the correct approach is taken to eradicate the rats in the most un-invasive manner. Rats can be destructive to both the home as well as health call or email Pest Control Toronto for a quick response and appointment.

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