Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon Removal Toronto


Removal of raccoons from homes has two very important aspects, the safety of the homeowner as well as the safety of the raccoon. Overlooking small things like the presence of babies or not following up in a timely manner can compromise the safety of the animal as well as the homeowner. Our team takes safety very seriously and is very proud of the fact that we have never inadvertently or purposely hurt or killed an animal.


Raccoons have an amazing ability to collapse their bodies which enables them to get into gaps that are as small as six inches by six inches. Due to this, Raccoons sometimes nest in an area of the home that is very difficult to access. Pest Control Toronto GTA is equipped with industry leading equipment to ensure that there is no case when our team isn’t able to access the raccoons.


Raccoons can do an immense amount of damage to the attic as well as the siding. As raccoons get more comfortable in an attic they become bold and walk around the attic while urinating and desecrating where ever they please. This can do significant damage to the insulation and sometimes even the drywall. In cases where the raccoon has been present for over two months the most likely outcome would be that the entire insulation in the attic has to be replaced. As raccoons become accustomed to an area they also find other exit/entry points by damaging the siding.


Odors associated with raccoons living in the attic have been known to make its way into the home and can last weeks after the raccoon is removed unless the area has been remediated. Raccoon removal Toronto is busiest during the mating season when females break into homes in order to give birth.


Pest Control TG’s wildlife team has over 100 years of combined experience in effectively removing Raccoons from homes and business’ in safe and affordable manner. For further information please visit our home page, call us at (416) 907-4270 or fill the contact us form to the right.

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