Mouse Traps

Mice love to live in the fields during the warm summer months in Toronto, where food is bountiful and there are plenty of nooks and crannies in the grass to hide from predators. When the cold months roll around, however, the nights get cold and the foliage disappears. The mice pick up and move to the massive, intricate networks of tunnels that are found inside. Yep, you guessed it—your house!

There are many ways to get rid of mice in your home, whether it is through the use of poison or a tracking system, but some prefer to stick to the traditional mousetrap.  While exterminator professionals are always trying to outdo one another with a new invention, the traditional mousetrap is still the most effective. Some traps are even easier, cleaner, and more humane than others.

The most important quality of a mousetrap is that it actually works. Depending on the trap you prefer, the mouse can be trapped either quickly and painlessly or alive and well.

Keep in mind that handling a trap can be tricky. Some traps are difficult to set up and might snap your fingers or send you an electric shock if mishandled. If you want to avoid killing the mice, some types of traps can be ruled out. You might need something long-lasting, too, as costs need to be kept down over long battles with bigger infestations.

Whatever the case may be, Pest Control Toronto GTA has the mousetraps you need to catch the critters pestering your home and endangering your family. Please contact us to learn more about our traps and how we can help remove your mice.


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