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How to Exterminate Mice

If you think you have a mouse problem in your home, then you probably do. Usually, mice are not seen (they are nocturnal creatures), but they do indeed make their presence known. Like the cartoon depiction of the popular nursery rhyme the Three Blind Mice, the little rodents are not as innocent as they seem. You may hear scurrying or scratching behind walls, smell strong, musky urine, or find holes chewed through your walls or furniture. Ultimately, you will definitely know you have mice when droppings are found, under a centimeter in length and capsular in shape.

The first thing you should do is call a mouse exterminator—or rather, how we prefer to be called, Pest Control. The reason for this change in term is due to our ability to remove rodents humanely and release them into a more suitable home. At Pest Control Toronto GTA, we have mastered this skill.

As a professional pest control service, we know that mice infestations grow quite rapidly, so we promise to arrive before the situation worsens. In the meantime, it is important to walk around the boundary of your home and eliminate any point of entry using caulking or metal. Just remember that wood can be easily chewed! The next thing to do is store all your food in the fridge or in sealed containers and wipe away ant crumbs or food remnants in your kitchen.

When we arrive, we will analyze your home’s points of entry and track down where the mice infestation is located. While mice can be spotted all over your home, they are nearly blind, so they will always return to the same base once they’ve acquired food.

While many believe that getting a cat will do the trick, that are not nearly as effective as some of the more advanced techniques that we have here at Pest Control Toronto GTA. Mouse repellents, sonic deterrents, and a variety of mousetraps can be used to catch the little critters.

If you have a rodent infestation, be sure to contact us! Remember, hiring an experienced pest control service is easier and cheaper than the potential damage mice can do to your furniture, wiring, and piping. Pest Control Toronto GTA is the humane solution to resolving mice removal in Toronto.


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