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Mice Removal Toronto

Pest Control Toronto offers the most exceptional prices for pest and mice control in Toronto. Our team comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee. We ensure that your home is completely mouse-proof, but to be extra cautious, here are some tips to prevent mice from returning in the far future:

  • Make sure all your food containers are completely sealed. Mice can chew through cereal boxes, so consider putting your grains, cereals and other dry food in sealable jars and bins.
  • Seal up your garbage bags tightly and store them in a closeable garbage bin away from the house or garage. Kitchen garbage is essentially an open invitation for all sorts of vermin to come and feast.
  • Be mindful of closing your doors and windows properly. Many times mice let themselves in right through your front door. Use screens in the summer and check that doors and windows are properly insulated in winter.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or crumbs on the kitchen counter or sink. This invites all sorts of pests—not just mice—to forage whatever you’ve dropped or left out.
  • Although we will have checked your home or building for possible entry points, look in cupboards and the backs of drawers for any small gaps that might make great hiding spaces.
  • Cats are great mouse deterrents. Not only are they great hunters but their very scent naturally keeps mice away.

We are pioneers in Toronto when it comes to mice removal methods. Our techniques are safe, effective and are constantly being updated to use the latest baits available in the market. Mice control doesn’t involve any odors and in more than 90 percent of cases a dead mouse is never found inside of your home.

Mouse Exterminator Toronto

Pest Control Toronto is a family owned and operated company serving residential households and commercial buildings with mouse exterminator services all over Toronto. We are committed to providing you with a high standard of quality service the first time around so that you and your family or business can feel at home again. That’s why we offer exceptional and highly competitive rates and why each service comes with a 6-month 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Our mission is to fix your mouse infestation the first time around and to prevent pests from coming back.

Trust Pest Control Toronto GTA for safe and effective mice control in Toronto and the Surrounding areas.

During the colder months in the Greater Toronto Area mice are by and far the most common pest that infest human dwellings and other structures such as restaurants. The colder climate means that food such as fruits, seeds, meat and other sources of food is harder to come by; and because mice have a huge appetite invading structures occupied by humans makes the most amount of sense for their survival.


Mice can get through a dime-sized hole but commonly enter doors that are left ajar for an extended period of time. Along with the lack of food availability outdoor during the winter months, it is also not as comfortable as it is indoors and even the most minor draft will attract mice indoors.


Mice are nocturnal which is why activity often takes place at night, whether that means seeing a mouse scatter towards its hiding place or hearing gnawing sounds in the attic. The gnawing is attributed to the fact that their teeth don’t stop growing, which is why they have to gnaw in order to make them shorter. In most modern homes mice are able to build a nest using insulation inside of the walls but nest can also be made of things like wires and paper.


Mice are smart animals the fact that most traps don’t work more than three to four times can attest to how quickly they make connections (cause and effect). Furthermore, a female will have up to a dozen babies every three weeks, which makes it very hard to exterminate mice once the population is beyond the first mouse.

All do-it-yourself mouse control methods—from the very humane to the single use—tend to lose their efficacy over time. Because of their high proliferation rates, the mouse population will keep coming back unless they are ALL removed and your commercial or residential space is mouse-proofed.That’s why it’s crucial to call the professionals. Our team offers the best and most thorough mice removal in Toronto.

Mice in Toronto

Seeing mice in Toronto is very common. Although they are shy creatures who are only trying to shelter themselves from the cold weather, they present a health hazard for everyone involved. In most cases a mouse infestation is only identified through damage as well as rice shaped but black feces found in many areas around the house or other structure but particularly the kitchen.

Given that mice are good climbers, swimmer and are fast they can access the entire home once they have been able to get in. Pest Control Toronto process for eradicating the issue is treating the entire home. This includes but is not limited to the kitchen, furnace room, electrical box, attics, cold room, laundry room, washrooms and garage. Bait will either be placed in inaccessible areas or in tamper proof bait stations to keep your loved ones safe.

On the exterior of a home we check for possible entry points, this includes but is not limited to doors with enough space to let mice inside, cracks in the foundation or brick, gaps around various pipes and wires. We have the ability and are equipped to seal up many of these holes; however, unfortunately some holes are beyond what we can repair in a reliable way, these holes will be brought to the attention of the home owner for repair.

Before our mouse exterminating team arrives, here are couple of ways you can prepare for our visit:


  1. Try and locate all the entry points in your house where you suspect mice are getting in. This will help expedite our job.
  2. Give each infested area in the house a thorough cleaning and washing to eliminate any scent the mice might be following.



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