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Centipedes Control Toronto

Centipedes are a common predatory insect in Toronto and the surrounding areas. There are many types of centipedes and are effective at controlling insect populations outdoors. Centipedes are nocturnal which is why one would never see them during the day or while the lights are on. Unfortunately, this is the trait that scares people as when the lights are turned on the centipede with as many as three hundred legs scatter quickly.

Centipede infestation can signal the presence of other insects such as saw bugs, spiders and earwigs. Treatment for centipedes will also help control insects that are prey to the centipedes.

Every job includes a thorough inspection on any underlying issue around the propery that might be causing insects to have an increased attraction to the property. This is especially important because with a steady supply of prey can increase the population rather quickly despite the fact that larger centipedes will eat smaller ones.

It should be noted that their isn’t a large disparity between newer and older homes in terms of centipede infestation. Centipede infestation depend on environmental factors such as plants and other types of harborage outdoors. low circulation inside of  walls within homes is also a contributing factor as trapped moisture attracts insects which untimately attract centipedes. This is the reason why it is important to never completely block weeping holes and vents around the home.

Pest Control Toronto uses the Integrated Pest Management approach to ensure that the job is completed in a safe yet effective manner. Furthermore, all of our jobs are covered by at least a six-month guarantee to give you peace of mind knowing that if the pest comes back, so do we.  Call us today to book an appointment or fill in the contact us form and we will get back to you.

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