Bird Removal Toronto

Bird Removal Toronto


Birds can be a pleasant site when nesting and flying around trees; unfortunately, they become a huge nuisance when they turn to residential and commercial structures to nest. Pigeons, sparrows, starlings and robins mostly affect homes and commercial buildings in the greater Toronto area. In homes, they nest chimneys, soffits vents and along high exterior appliances such an air-conditioning unit.


Bird nests in vents are known to damage washroom fans and even cause fires if inside furnace and dryer vents. At times they are very clever, thus hard to detect in the early stage of nest building. This is because they skillfully lift the flaps and make their way inside without damage or smell. Most homeowners detect birds in vents when they find sharp odor.


Soffit openings as small as two inches can allow birds to make their way inside and build a nest. Many times homeowners don’t even realize their existence until they see the bird enter an area of the home or begin finding bird mites.


Birds inside of chimneys can become hazardous as their waste becomes airborne in the summer and larger nests create a situation where the odor actually enters the living space. Birds in chimneys can be detected by sounds such as chirpings and scratching sounds. Bird mites are also known to make their way into homes from the chimney.


Pigeons are generally the birds that roost along exterior ledges’and appliances. Over time the feces can become a huge eye sore and really difficult to remove. Alleyways with huge pigeon populations, smell during the summer months and even during the winter months can become unbearable.


Commercial structures such as storefronts are affected through the mess they make which can affect walk-ins. Storefronts have many areas where birds can nest such as inside signs casings, ledges and even roofs.


Pest Control Toronto GTA works with the safety of the home and business owner in mind. We come up with a plan that not only works in the short term but also continues to work in the long term.


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