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Bed Bug Removal Toronto


Despite the awareness, bedbugs continue to be an immense problem throughout the Greater Toronto area and beyond. No one is immune as even the most minor interaction with someone or some place is often enough for a bedbug to hitch a ride back to a new place.


Bedbug treatment is a very thorough and time consuming job. It requires the exterminator to go through every piece of furniture along with baseboards, window frames and even outlets. This ensures that no area is missed as a single remaining female can re-infest the area. Evidence of the presence of bedbugs includes bloodstains, droppings (these look like dots made by an ink pen) skin as well as live bed bugs.


After being inseminated once a female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life. Bedbug eggs sometimes remain un-hatched for a couple of weeks, which is much longer than the residual of pesticides that are government approved. For this reason, a second treatment is required in many cases and is recommended in most cases. In areas where a human or other host is not present bed bugs can live up to a year but from the experience of our exterminators and tests completed at our office this is very rare.


Bedbugs are nocturnal which is why many people don’t detect them for many weeks. They can travel up to twenty feet in order to have a blood feed but usually stay much closer to the tone of about three feet. Like other insects bedbugs like to have as many of their sides covered as possible, which is why they are usually found around seems and edges.


Pest Control Toronto ensures that the exterminator has sufficient time to thoroughly treat the required space. Furthermore, our team is equipped with steamers, electronic pressure sprayers as well as electronic dusters to ensure that the job is done correctly. In residential homes we also offer heat treatment.


Bedbug Treatment Preparation list


  1. Do not move your mattresses or bed frame as this can cause the bedbugs to scatter.
  2. Carefully inspect and remove all articles from drawers and closets. Place them in bags and try to keep them their until bedbugs are successfully eradicated.
  3. Clothes and bedding such as blankets and bed sheets should be put in the dryer in high heat in order to ensure that all live bugs as well as eggs are dead. Please not that technicians will NOT under any circumstances spray clothes. Once taken out of the dryer the articles should be bagged until the bedbugs are exterminated.

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