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Ant Control Toronto

Ant Control Toronto is an important part of our business as the Greater Toronto Area is home to many different species of ants, many of which infest indoors and outdoors of residential and commercial properties. Although most ant species found in Toronto are indigenous, many not native species such as the fire ant and pharaoh ant can also be found. Ant control is considered one of the more difficult pest control treatments for various reasons. Our methods have been developed through over 15 years of experience in order to maximize effectiveness and safety.

Ants can enter dwellings through many areas around your home seeking settlement, water and foodstuff. They can nest in numerous locations throughout a home or building, such as under foundations, wood structure and even in lawns and walls. Depending on the type of ant, colonies can grow up to half a million ants.

Pest Control Toronto is equipped to tackle any ant issue effectively without causing much disturbance to the homeowners. theis enables them to return to the home in approximately three hours in most cases.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant infestations are very common in the Greater Toronto Area. They are the most widely complained about pest in Ontario, this can be attributed to the fact that they are much larger than other ant species and there black color makes them stand out. In a 2011 survey done by Pest-O-Kill Pest Control Toronto, homeowners overwhelmingly expressed that of all household pests they had the most amount of concern for carpenter Ants.

Despite popular belief, Carpenter ants don’t consume wood; in fact, they excavate wood and nest in it. This is the reason why saw dust is often found in nesting areas. However, carpenter ants can still cause serious damage to the wood structure of a home. This is especially the case if they are in an area of the home where they can be active all year with access to a food source.

Carpenter ants are widely known as the most difficult pest to remedy. The reason for this is that carpenter ants can travel upwards of a hundred meters foraging for food. This makes it difficult to track down their nest.

The technicians at Pest Control Toronto are experienced in eradicating carpenter ant infestations. They look for evidence that could be left behind by the ants such as sawdust, noise coming from the walls and the general route they are taking. Technicians also look for areas that could attract ants such as leaks and rotten windows and doorframes.

Pavement Ants

In the Greater Toronto Area, pavement ants are very common pest during the summer months. Outdoors, pavement ant’s nests are generally local and no more than a few meters from where they are sighted. Unfortunately, when pavement ants make their nest inside a home locating the nest becomes more challenging to locate. Many individuals use over the counter pesticides to remedy the problem. This however makes the situation worse as ants are able to detect contact pesticides and will avoid them. Due to this reason over the counter pesticides have a tendency to spread them out as opposed to resolving the problem. Our technicians have the equipment to reach pavements ants no matter how deep they are in the ground or structure.

Fire ants and Pharaoh Ants

The Fire ants and Pharaoh are not indigenous to the Greater Toronto Area and are not very common. For this reason, it is very important to have an experienced technician to eradicate the issue.

Fire ants are usually found outdoors and can quickly overwhelm back yards to the point where it becomes unusable without getting bit. In extreme cases, the situation can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, many times it requires that more than one neighbor have their backyard sprayed. Like pavement ants, fire ants can also appear from cracks in the foundation of a home, which is an easy fix but requires the entire basement to be sprayed.

Pharaoh Ants are considered one of the most difficult insects to eradicate. This can be attributed to their ability to spread quickly within a home or from home to home in the case of semi-detach and townhomes. Furthermore, Pharaoh ants colonies consist of many queens that can be spread across a wide area.

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