About Us

About Us

Pest control Toronto was founded in 1998 by M. Vance who at the time had over 15 years of experience in the industry. His passion for the trade led him to create a different kind of company, one that put the client first. Pest control was one of the first companies to introduce the 6-month guarantee giving clients peace of mind knowing that if the issue returned. Pest control was also the first company to recognize that every job was different for which reason a generic procedure was not good enough. Pest control allowed its technicians to be more dynamic in how they resolved pest issues.

These implementations were recognized and welcomed by clients, technicians creating a space that was pleasing to all of the involved parties. Furthermore this propelled the company as the fasted growing in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

The focus of pest control at its onset was serving residential homes/apartments, residential buildings, commercial properties as well as government properties. In 2004 Pest control began to scale back on all but residential dwellings in order to preserve reputation and quality of work. At the time it seemed many non-residential clients were only interested in having the bare minimum completed, which was generally a Band-Aid solution. Clients from other types of properties who are serious about eradicating pest issues are entertained.

The reason for the inception of pest control and the motivation to keep it going is quality of work. In order to keep a high standard of quality many of pest control technicians as well as management remain family members who care.

Privacy is an important aspect of our service package. Pest control doesn’t sell or share any personal information with marketing companies. Due to our commitment to ensuring the highest level of privacy, we have ensured that all of our vehicles are unmarked. Furthermore, records of work are only accessible for up to two months by the technician and than kept on our server, which is not, connected to the World Wide Web.

Pest control is a regular early adopter of new technology and implementing the latest research into our service methodology. In 2014 pest control was selected by GW equipment to test their professional pest control equipment for the southern Ontario market. This has ensured that our services are highly effective and disturbance to the homeowner is kept to a minimum. Furthermore we keep an updated data analysis of the work that we complete so that we can converge our resources in that direction. Furthermore this ensures that we are able to satisfy not only our client base but also clients individually but recognizing and improving in areas that require it.

Our technicians have over a 150 years of combined experience yet they continue to get training when newer methods become available. It must be noted that every job has more than one-way to complete; experience is the aspect of the job that ensures that it is done in the most effective, economical and in the least disturbing manner.

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We offer each of our potential clients with a free estimate so that we can better understand your goals and discuss your options with you.
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