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Pest Control Toronto is an Extermination and Pest Control Service Company

Pest Control Toronto has been servicing Toronto and the surrounding areas for almost 20 years. Toronto is home to a variety of destructive as well as nuisance pests and animals. Some insects such as bed bugs, mosquitoes and fleas are bloodsuckers that can be of utmost irritation while other such as yellow jacks, hornets and fire ants are stingers that hurt and in rare cases can cause serious health issues to those who are allergic. Animals such as raccoons, squirrels and various birds are almost always destructive to any area that they invade, such as attic spaces and garages. Larger animals such as raccoons and squirrels break into attic and other spaces all year while rodents are more likely to seek shelter inside homes and other structures, as the weather gets colder.

Pest Control Toronto prides itself in being a leader in residential pest control in the Greater Toronto market. We are a family owned and operated business serving since 1998. We believe that quality can only remain high if the business is managed, supervised and in most cases operated by family members.

Toronto Pest Control Services

The services include:

Our technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and have at least 5 years of experience and some have over 30 years of experience within the Greater Toronto area. Although every job is different, experience ensures that every job is done in the most effective manner possible. Furthermore, our technicians take a weekly hour-long refresher course on various pest control methods.

Safety of your family, pets as well as the environment is of utmost importance; which is why we have a high standard of safety. Our safety regimen includes measures such as always using high quality products and equipment and ensuring that it is used in accordance to its design. Furthermore, we provide the homeowner with information about how the product works and things they should do and avoid making the most of the treatment as well as keeping them safe. Moreover, we ensure that our technicians always use the latest equipment that often times are more effective and by default safer as they reduce the amount of pesticide use and areas that must be treated. Pest Control Toronto also ensures safety by not treating any unnecessary area and only using the recommended dilution of pesticide. Over the years the ministry of environment has prevented companies from continuing to sell certain products for various reasons; but allows the use of the product as long as it has been purchased before the date of ban. Pest Control Toronto voluntarily stops using those chemicals regardless of whether or not it is in stock.

Our commitment to safety goes hand in hand with our commitment to honesty. Every year ten percent of the jobs that we are booked to complete are misinterpretations of the actual problem. For example, client believing they have mice in the attic when in actual fact squirrels are on top of the roof, or soldier beetles or earwigs being confused for cockroaches. Pest Control Toronto is committed to presenting the homeowner with the most honest information according to our knowledge even if it means we no longer have that job to complete.

Pest Control Toronto is committed to humane removal of wild life, which is why we have a one-way door first policy. This means that we will use a one way door where possible ensuring that the least amount of physical and well as psychological damage is assumed by the subject animal. Where wild life has babies present at the nesting location we will leave them in a safe location so the parent can pick them up. Furthermore we go through the trouble of making sure there is no other entry point so that the animal can be released within familiar surroundings without the danger of it re-entering your home.

Pest Control Toronto is a family owned and operated pest control business and the reputation of the company is essentially our family’s reputation. For this reason we have created policies and procedures that promote a high quality of work because as many of our technicians say “we would rather see you under different circumstances”.

Our family is always ready to help your family in resolving pest and wild life issues.

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We Service the Following Pest Problems in the GTA

Ants Removal

Ants are a major nuisance to homes, office buildings, hospitals, and anywhere that a source of food, water and shelter is available. They slip through the tiniest cracks, and take over your kitchen, bathroom and walls. They also make holes in our clothes and building foundation. Some ants can be dangerous, like fire ants and pharoah ants. When you see one, you can be sure that there are thousands more.


Pest Control Toronto is equipped to tackle any infestation, no matter how dire.

Click here to learn more about how ants can cause major damage to our homes and health.

Bed Bugs Removal

Bed bugs are nothing but trouble. These nasty critters present major health issues to everyone in your household. Once the parasite has taken hold of your furniture, it’s unsafe to keep it in the house, which can lead to serious financial loss if the infestation is not dealt with properly. Bed bug infestations are a grave matter, and if you suspect your house has a bed bug problem, call us immediately. The longer you wait, the worse your infestation will get. Pest Control Toronto understands the importance of eliminating the parasite infestation the first time. That’s why our exterminating process is the most thorough pest control in Toronto, Ontario, so that you don’t have to call us a second time. If you have a bed bug problem, click here to find out how you can prepare your household for bed bug extermination.

Centipedes Removal

When you see a centipede in your home, it’s a sign that there are other bugs it is feasting on. While centipedes help control the pest population, we still don’t want them—or any bug for that matter—infesting our homes and outdoor spaces. When they bite, they inject poison into their prey. For humans, a centipede bite can lead to swelling, pain and fever. When we treat your outdoor and living space for centipedes, we also ensure that their main source of food—other pests—are entirely dealt with to prevent the centipede from returning.

To learn more about how the most thorough Toronto pest control company can help you with your centipede problem, click here.

Mice Removal

Cute in cartoons, but a total menace in the real world. Mice flock to warmer dwellings at the first sign of cold, which explains why you see evidence of them more often in the fall and winter months. Because of their nocturnal habits, we often don’t know they’re around until we start to notice their rice-sized droppings or the smal holes they gnaw through in our cupboards and furniture. Mice proliferate really quickly and can access every part of the building, which makes the need to control them even more important. We assess your entire property to find every entry point and then treat the infestation from the inside out to ensure you never have a mouse population problem again. Learn more about mice removal here.

Rat Control

Rats have been responsible for wiping out huge percentages of the global population for as long as they’ve cohabited with human beings. Although they make great pets, the rats that invade our homes, restaurants and public buildings carry diseases, like rabies, that are dangerous to people and their pets. They are big rodents and their presence poses a severe health hazard. Because rat carcasses leave a horrible smell that can sometimes require cutting through walls to remove, our Pest Control Toronto team will make sure that your rat problem is dealt with methodically and carefully to prevent disruption to you or your property. Find out more about Toronto rat infestions here.

Wildlife Control

You don’t have to live in the middle of nowhere to be the unwilling host of a wildlife critter. Unlike insects, animals like raccoons, birds and possums should be dealt with humanely and returned to their natural habitat, far away from your house. We do not want these animals to die in your attic or in between your walls because of the horrible smell they would leave behind. Nor do we want to kill these animals when simply relocating them can get rid of your problem. Once we have made sure that the animals are safely away from your property, we will ensure that there is no vulnerable areas where they could return. Find out more about our wildlife removal services here.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are a dangerous problem to have. A major bee, wasp, hornet or yellow jacket infestation not only affects those who are allergic to wasp stings, but their presence can limit the amount of time you want to spend outside. Who wants to invite family and friends over for a backyard BBQ dinner when their meals and drinks are constantly under threat by annoying, yet dangerous, stingers. Pest Control Toronto has the knowledge and experience to properly and safely get rid of those pesky, hard-to-reach wasp nests, and to prevent an infestation from happening again by applying a non-toxic dust to the area. Find out more about wasp nest removal here.

Local Pest Control Company with the Best Prices

Pest Control Toronto offers the best rates for all your pest control needs. Not only do we offer highly competitive and affordable rates, but we’re so sure that we will eliminate your pest problem the first time, that every service comes with a 6 month guarantee. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing other families with the best pest control services their money can buy, which is why we will ensure your 100% satisfaction, or your money back. That’s why we are consistently rated one of the best pest control companies in Toronto. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle or obligation estimate. Our service area stretches well beyond Toronto, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Remember, the sooner you give us a call, the sooner you can get your house back.

We service all of the Greater Toronto Area:


  • Toronto (North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, downtown Toronto)
  • York Region (Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket)
  • Peel Region (Brampton, Mississauga)

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Client Testimonials:

“I have bad problem of ants since 2014, I tries many branded companies but the main nest was not found. My cousin Pest Control Toronto’s Number. A middle aged exterminator “Vance” came me place and he inspected my house for twenty minutes and found nest of ants which was in the ceiling of my washroom. he killed nest and I am free of ants. “  –Siva Veluppillai
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